Monday, 26 July 2010


Attended the Script Yorkshire second BUDS in Bradford on Sat, which had learnt from mistakes of the first in Leeds before Christmas and went much smoother. It was particularly useful to be able to give and get feedback there and then. The stricter timing and frequent breaks helped a lot, and we didn't have any early exodus (last time, the pieces which over-ran seem to have had the effect of making most of the audience run too). Most of all, it was fun. (When it stops being that, I shall stop writing.)

Colin Lewisohn directed an excerpt from my work-in-progress play 'The Black Prince', with Eddie Butler in the title role, Warwick St John as Hugh, my limp lettuce lawyer would-be hero, and Alissa Juvan as the femme fatale of the piece (with Colin as her pimp). It went great and I'm working on it further, with some research to do to help the development.

BUDS brought forth a lot ov variety, from my own favourite talking statue to goon a type radio play, Scarborough vikings and a Vicky Pollard stylee Virgin Mary.
The discussions/feedback were helpful too.

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