Monday, 16 August 2010

'About Chocolate', Edinburgh Fringe, Surgeons' Hall

First show tonight went well, with decent-sized, very appreciative audience and we suspect at least one reviewer. Irene was marvellous and her acting had them spellbound. I got choked up at one point, and I know the story inside out (having written it).

Edinburgh's buzzing. Way too many shows these days. You don't know where to start. When I came for the first time 5 years ago with a show at Pleasance Courtyard, it all seemed very different. Pleasance seems dominated by childrens' shows and stand-up this year. The Free Fringe (which concept I totally agree with) is having an effect, but that also tends to focus on stand-up. (Would be happy to do drama in it, but they have a limited amount of venues for plays and tend to insist on the full 3 week run - not that easy for non-students, with bills to pay and a need to keep earning a living.)

Our Surgeons' Hall venue is in its second year and has a great atmosphere. The venue itself is in a modern building, with 4 theatre spaces. Ours is theatre 3, capacity 40, but a super little space for an intimate play like 'About Chocolate'. Our two tech guys, Peter Meese and Paul Beswick, who've come with us, have also found it fine to work in and both have done an excellent job. Charles Pamment, who runs 'thespaceuk' venues, is good to deal with.

Surgeons' Hall adjoins the Royal College of Surgeons on Nicholson Street. Its courtyard is therefore flanked by some interesting, historic buildings - including one where the original bodysnatchers stashed away and disected their snatched bodies! This doesn't seem to have put people off their beer though and the courtyard is one of the best spots to chill out, with bar and cooked food available -without the crush and long queues to be served of the Pleasance Courtyard.

So here's hoping they'll all come and get the chocolate! 5 more nights to go.