Friday, 12 November 2010

Writer blocked, but ramming through.

Haven't had time to write lately and at risk of sounding like a scouser, 'it's doing my 'ead in'. So this morning just sat down and wrote a short drama piece straight off. Feel so much better. Now am watching 'True Blood' recorded from last night (while have stomach for it) and typing the piece up for what it's worth.

Went to Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds last night for its 5th birthday bash along with Mick in our ActONE capacity, having put on studio shows there each of the last 3 years. Met the general manager, a very charming Scot, and he seemed impressed with what we'd done, good publicity and feedback we'd received etc. Also talked about the recent SY event with Alan Bennet, which they seemed very proud to have hosted.

Have had to step down as SY branch co-ordinator, due to pressure of legal work and desparate need to find time to write. I suppose it's good that at least I want to and feel creative - no shortage of ideas for new stuff. I know from past experience that real writer's block is when you can't write, whether you have time or not, and that it horrible. I used to think it didn't exist and was used as an excuse to be lazy but when it hit me, I found out it was real enough. Wouldn't wish it on anyone - except maybe the odd TV writer when you see some of the rubbish churned out (but then the finished product was probably not very like their original script).