Tuesday, 29 June 2010

You win some...

... Enjoyed working with actors to pitch 'The Black Prince' idea/play for LightNight at Stage@Leeds last Fri, but the prize went to a performance art piece. I still believe in my idea/play though.

My fantasy novel 'The Fixed Lands' was yet again the bridesmaid, being highly commended in the Red Telephone Publishers' competition, and the critique came through. Very useful and heartening that they found a lot right with it, but felt the things that were wrong would be 'fixable' - ironic as the novel in a way concludes there is no 'fixity'.

All busy with 'About Chocolate' for Edinburgh and other projects. We've lost a very good actress, Sal Fulcher, for 'Doublecross' as she's got a film part and been swept off her feet and to France. However, interest from others has already been good, so hopefully we'll get someone else suitable to play our 'closet call-girl'. (If anyone out there feels like donning black stockings and pink marigolds, get in touch with ActONE's director.)

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Grassington Festival

Our Edinburgh preview was on at Grassington Festival last night and proved a great, useful pre-Fringe opportunity. And we did a damn sight better than Mr Gerrard and his team!

Irene was superb and we're all systems go for August!

('About Chocolate' 16-21 Aug, 4-5pm, Venue 53, The Space @ Surgeons Hall
Royal College of Surgeons, Nicholson St boxoffice.surgeons@thespaceuk.com £7/£5 www.thespaceuk.com http://sweetdreamsproductions.weebly.com)

Monday, 14 June 2010

In the pursuit of eternal optimism (25th Grassington Octagon plus WYP workshop with Penguin writer and director)

On Sat, I attended one of the best drama-writing workshops I've been to, at West Yorkshire Playhouse, given by Tom Wells writer of 'Me, as a Penguin' and his director Chris Hill. Both very young, very talented and very enthusiastic/supportive. Workshops etc can too easily get clogged up by ego - either that of those leading them or of those attending. This had a great 'we're only here to learn' atmosphere. It was invaluable to be able to put questions to both a writer and director of new writing at the same time on such as presentation, voice, interpretation. It only lasted 2 hours, but I learnt a lot and we also did some useful writing exercises, 'cast' amongst us and read aloud, with feedback given. So good on yer lads!

In the pursuit of eternal optimism, our preview for Edinburgh takes place in Grassington Fringe Festival at Grassington Octagon, Fri pm 18th June 10.30pm £5 (still under the earlier title of ‘Maltesa Falcon’ but is newly-developed version). www.grassington-festival.org.uk/fringe.cfm
Yes, turned out not such good choice of date and Mr Gerrard shall have to excuse us for stealing his viewers!
We're hoping the anti-football lobby will forsake 'girls having their nails done instead' events and come and see us. Another good show on before us, so a more cerebral night out is to be had.