Sunday, 28 March 2010

The mystery of the missing blogs

Just busy, busy. Finished my play-writing class, which I thoroughly enjoyed, with my students to present script in hand performances of their work tomorrow night at York Uni.
'About Chocolate' is now registered for Edinburgh Fringe (presented by Sweet Dreams Productions, week 2, 16-21st Aug, 4-5pm, Theatre 3, Royal Surgeons Hall, The Space @ Surgeons Hall, off Nicholson Street, tel 08455088515). I've been working intensely with talented actress, Irene Lofthouse, and Ray Brown, theatre pratitioner and broadcaster, who will direct it. Had to take some serious but constructive crit, and cut/change a lot. It hangs together much better for it now.
My visit to Waikato, New Zealand is fast approaching, so lots of prep. Sadly my mother-in-law died recently, so there have been family matters to concentrate on.
Last night we put the clocks forward and today it feels like spring at last!